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Livin' Large - posted by Nesuril on Apr 07, 2002
Well, let me tell you. We've been busy since the last exciting installment of the news! Words can't simply express my joy at our fights with the Avatar of War. Well, okay, so I lied..maybe they can ...

The Avatar of War fight is simply the most consistently awesome battle I've run into. We did him twice in the last few days and I think the pictures speak for themselves. McDonalds for everyone, cause this guy is McOwned!

His loot? PHAT. You'd have to ride the small bus to not think this gear owns. First time he dropped 2 War Bows of Rallos Zek, 1 Ring of destruction, 1 Blade of Carnage. Second time? I've got the pic for this one:

Tunare owned! 6 hours of hell for 6 mins of pleasure. This fight is much like your average signifigant other. If I need to explain why, you probably spend too much time surfing porn.

We did some more killing. Oh yes. Creator, Tormax, Cazic Tool, and a few Dozekars. Cazic was exceptional because he not only dropped a robe, but a BRAIN AND AN EYE!?!? Hello. For those of you who know our pathetic luck with Cazic loot, we were due and this was the payout.

One last rant before I depart. Can I ask, WTF is up with this crap? Look at this shield. Shield of the Creator off Creator IGetOwnedALot. Tell me what's wrong with this picture?

Guys, come on. Its bad enough you didn't give Shield of Auras no graphic, but can someone explain why this isn't Dark Elf usable? Its probably a RP thing that no one's bothered to explain. Peace.