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Take a load off Fanny - posted by Nesuril on May 05, 2002
Enter: Another Hoss news update. I'm your host, Nesuril. Tonight we'll be exploring Hoss, a guild wrapped inside an engima wrapped inside a myth.

Okay, enough flowery bullshit, lets move onto what we really came here for. Examining the topic of ownage. Start right off with Avatar of War. The big guy spawned twice, and went to his knees twice, as we can carefully see in the pictures below. Beside him, are his little baubles we like to call: Phat loots.

The second victory is noteworthy because as Shang Tsung puts it, it was a:

Avatar of War dead with 55 people, no deaths (not even the main tank).

Next we have our friend, the Burrower. This guy has been, how do I phrase it, cheap, to us in the past? I think those are gentle words, but the fight is still a consistently fun experience so its worth it. His loot is getting a bit better:

But, then there's the Thought Whoring Overfiend. This guy, he's annoying. He's even more annoying when he does this to us....

Um, yah. Pain Sphere.

Elnerick's is a great spell, don't get me wrong. But so far we've gotten a sacrifical dagger AND a pain sphere. I think Verant is trying to tell Hoss something here, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Andaas assures me its probably for a quest. I don't believe him.

Now before I go there's a couple of things I want to address. First, I want to give you all some feedback from one of our devoted Hoss fans out there on the web. Yes, Devlin, I am the "Hoss update loser".

And just to piss off Devlin some more, I'm going to put up some more stalker quotes from Hoss guild members....

And my favorite, a tell from the Croc Hunter himself, assuring me that he's still really alive and kicking:


...Amb we miss you, get well soon. Xuen is killing us all.

And as a final thought for the evening. I've been considering Devlin's quote and I think this guy would make a great addition to Hoss. BigBallur, send me a tell man. You're in, stud.

Till next time, I am your host, Nesuril. Good evening, god bless.