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VI Servers Suck. Stuff Dead Anyway - posted by Elidroth on Sep 12, 2002

OK OK Here's your damn news update..

AoW Finally Falls

Someone other than Hoss has finally dropped the "Big Orange". Congrats to Mythic Legion for stepping up to the plate and regardless of numbers (which vary depending on who you ask).. They killed him dead.

"Dude yer getting fooked"

So for the past week or so since the 'big patch', we've been slogging our way through Vex Thal search for the new riches the zone holds. Upon killing TVK and setting up to further rape the zone, I see my packet loss grow to the lovely 100% and get this now famous message.

So I figure it's just the normal pathetic "LD for no reason" I'm grown accustomed to with EQ. But wait.. I log back in to find Druzzil Ro LOCKED. Oh joy of joys.. Yes.. you know what that means. VT fully respawned, and we'll be logging in to insta-death. Thankfully, a GM shows up to summon ALL of our corpses (yes all.. if you frequent VT you know what that means) and then rez us with the lovely 100% "Yeah we know we fucked up" Rez.

So OK.. It sucks. But Hoss comes back the next night to start over again, clearing through the endless yard trash. Once again.. we kill TVK, and then clear the guards to Temariel. Lag Spike.. Pause.. Lag Spike.. And a sudden feeling of Deja Vu washes over me as I again see the ever familiar..

Hey.. what do you know.. Druzzil Ro is locked AGAIN. And again.. a GM shows up in VT summon all corpses, this time though rezzing roughly 75% of us before saying "Oops.. 20 minutes past my shift.. gotta go!" and BOING.. he's logged off leaving several people stranded.

Fearing this is some sort of new SOE plot to keep from banning more high end guilds.. we decide to throw in a little trickery of our own..

Hoss MOTD - (Andaas) OK.. We're NOT going to Vex Thal this week, and we're NOT starting at 5:30pst.

So.. using this simply ploy of misdirection.. Hoss again set off on our mission to kill the twin strippers of Vex Thal.

Va Xi Aten Ha Ra (or Mini-Aten if you prefer) gave us little trouble as usual dropping the Necklace of Endless Concepts, Slippers of Dark Whispers, and Umbracite Hoop

Following this kill we proceed to move up and drop the Feature Dancer, Aten Ha Ra. Terribly sorry there no kill shot, but Aten Ha Ra just flat REFUSES to die in a photogenic manner.

Business has apparently been good though as drops were above average with Gloves of the Crimson Sigil, Tomb of Secrets, Mail of Judgement, Soul Essence of Aten Ha Ra and the now obligatory ancient spell. Due to our quick thinking and covert MOTD we had no sabotage or foul play from the SOE Spy Corps and were able to 'enjoy' the zone in relative relaxation.

In Other old_news..

Tonight the warriors of Hoss finally had enough of the ever popular game of agro ping pong. Tonight we made our stand. If the hybrids and other melee wanted agro so damn bad.. by god we're gonna give it to them. In a remarkable show of unity, all Hoss warriors equipped 2-handed weapons to minimize our already feeble taunting capabilities. Agro bounced around faster than Nettle on an Ogre schween. Sadly.. nobody noticed as this was par for the course.

Parting Shots

OK.. does this frighten anyone besides me? This screen cap taken from the recent 'comedy' The New Guy shows the world Hollywood's example of the common EQ player. Is this right or wrong? Fear the answer people.. fear the answer..