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We win. Where's my fucking cookie? - posted by Torrid on Sep 24, 2002

Hi, I'm back. Please excuse my gratuitous use of swear words to compensate for my lack witty humor. Anyway, Hoss did

last night. This lazy ass guild finally got off its ass and made some weapons to kill this fuck. It's sad when making the only god damn weapons that harm this mob is actually harder then killing him. Yes, you try and find people to farm sap, its fucking hard.

Grats officers on 3 of the 5 drops! ML FACTOR. Grats cleric on the BP! No, we're not a DKP guild. *wink* --note to Torrid: Only 2 officers got loot, and one was Seru's head which only a few people who can stomach report camping will ever even want.
--note to Andaas: ancient spells = loot, I don't give a rats ass what you say. No offense, great leader

Seru was the last encounter Hoss had yet to defeat on the moon. Thats 2 expansions down. What? only 2 you say? Yes, Hoss had never slain Phara Dar. Time to finish two expansions in a night. Just over half a dozen players playing 13 characters defeated what was once EverQuest's most challenging encounter 2 years ago. 13 was fucking zerging it.

What you are about to see is the greatest fucking loot drop in the history of the mother fucking game up to this point. I fucking nutted my god damn pants when the loot was read alloud. You fucking newbies will never know loot this magnificent and awe inspiring. Why are we in VT again?

And so closes two chapters in the history of the guild known as Hoss on the Druzzil Ro server.