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Thule Bitch Dead - posted by Torrid on Nov 02, 2002
So Hoss finaly slew a mob that was worth my time to post about. And now I'm going to tell you about it.

The first PoP god to die on Druzzil was this ho. Apparently being a big pussy runs in the family.

The lewtz fit nicely into the "loot that you could almost give a shit about" catagory that seems to be the theme of PoP. Verant is doing a great job of keeping VT non-obsolete.

Yes, we are aware that Hoss is behind in PoP as far as
ereet uber guilds go. Our leadership doesn't like to
"crack the whip" so to speak. That and buggy hedge mazes really kill some time. But hey, we have gotten some shit done...

Which leads me to my next rant. Verant, why the FUCK are the best places for exp and parchment, some of the easiest and less risky in PoP? Candy single pull land Valor is the best place for exp, and was for parchments until recently. Now a certain spot in Nightmare is the best place for spells that I've found.

I need a god damn uber guild just to ENTER honor, decay, and torment, only to find out the exp and spells arn't even as good as a zone you DON'T need a flag to enter? I havn't explored everywhere in these zones, but from where I have been in there, it has been MORE effort to get LESS reward than gimpy ass Valor and Nightmare. Someone please feel free to point out to me the room in the back of the zone that doesn't suck ass if I missed it though.

And now for a little bit of humor:

Grats Rika on first level 65 on Druzzil