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Hoss Alive in WoW - posted by Andaas on Jul 29, 2005
Just a little heads up... over the past year, many Hoss members from EQ have been playing World of Warcraft (others are still playing EverQuest and EverQuest 2 as well). While many people are spread across several servers, currently, there are two operating "Hoss" guilds within WoW. You will find the guilds on the Draenor and Uther realms respectively.

If you are looking for information on either of these groups, please visit their respective websites:

Hoss on Draenor -
Hoss on Uther -

A Goodbye, But Far From The End - posted by Andaas on Dec 31, 2004
As the final days of 2004 slowly come to an end, a new year comes with promises of new adventures and new worlds to explore.

With these new adventures on the horizon, it is now time for Hoss to lay down our swords and make our leave from EverQuest. As a guild, we have seen every zone that EverQuest has to offer. We led Druzzil Ro through Luclin, Planes of Power, Lost Dungeons, Gates of Discord and Omens of War. It has been a great run and a wild ride, but now that a majority of the guild has chosen to explore new worlds (including the real one).

While this marks the end of our time in EverQuest, this is in no way the end of Hoss. We have made many new friendships (and enemies alike), and I have no intention of closing down the web site or forums. I will restructure the forums somewhat down the road to accommodate new directions that people within Hoss have taken (newly formed guilds in other game worlds, other games that people are playing together, etc.), and hope that the friendships forged over the years will carry on in our community, both public and private. The Hoss name will also continue to be seen in EverQuest, as we have a few people who will continue to have fun in Norrath.

I would like to give a very special thank you to every person that has ever worn the Hoss tag. Without each of you, I am certain that Hoss would not have had the success that we did over the years. (If your name is missing - and I know I missed many, please forgive me. Unfortunately, I do not have access to rosters from before the web site move from to - please email me if your name is missing and I will be more than happy to add it).

** Pre-Velious era **
Aalenu, Aenthar, Alcadizaar, Andaas, Athius, Aularas, Barlo, Drakky, Elyria, Fiendel, Fizbain, Geranon, Gracie, Graystone, Hythloth/Rika, Jordell, Karendra, Lasomb, Leaffy, Lola, Lronius, Lydia/Edric, Lynette/Phaera, Maclir/Coral, Mona/Cardinal, Myztlee, Nuuk, Parak, Sachiiel, Samuel, Serene, Shinare, Sirensa, Slippy, Strahd, Stromagal, Syana, Teeniee, Terenae, Tolan, Torrid/Torrin, Twing, Urkin, Vendel, Vinilaa, Waright, Xeet, Zelgie

** Post-Velious era **
Aaen, Abyena, Aedail, Aelia, Aerothas, Aindayen, Alwyn, Amadis, Amberel, Andriana, Angelie, Aquariiuus, Aradil, Arcius, Argonah, Auldian, Aundine, Austan, Azis, Bolien, Bram, Brand, Buazag, Buldarr, Burnem, Calili, Canare, Clavicus, Crimsonbanshee, Cruunch, Daisiee, Deezy, Depen, Derasi, Derrict, Dharrk, Dibbs, Divaa, Dubs, Duvessa, Ebbing, Ebboonie, Eisai, Elidroth, Elkay, Eomer, Epsonaga, Exxile, Famor, Fehren, Fenudwin, Forty, Frumpy, Gemmi, Gheltire, Gogo, Gracor, Graffy, Grevan, Grimthorn, Gukaistar, Guntak, Haikken, Hailie, Inizen, Isomas, Izamien, Jacais, Jalynfane, Jatarri, Jerrid, Jynere, Kaedaase, Kakeku, Kallaill, Kanf, Kaolin, Katianara, Kattoo, Kbam, Kenthia, Khael, Kinthalas, Kirynos, Korus, Ktul, Kurbi, Kuroni, Lasgo, Leownia, Lepra, Lexi, Lexoon, Lilcix, Lilrith, Lista, Liyon, Llain/Lhite, Lonskils, Loralana, Lorenia, Lorpse, Lyubm, Maegwin, Mancer, Mekhar, Migi, Mintin, Mopatpat, Nallick, Nedari, Nesuril, Nexten, Nodd, Nwinn, Obudan, Peotr/Mercado, Phantasym/Gwaar, Poppabup, Psidan, Qaediin, Rackrunner, Rayena, Razeer, Renshin, Reznbuff, Rhedd, Rinna, Rivien, Rolist, Rufnuf, Ryukami, Sazar, Scrith, Selenajra, Semele, Sendain, Seraik, Seraphina, Shaidi, Shindar, Siff, Sleepie, Spike, Stacked, Stitz, Stompetta, Storme, Succubbus, Talas, Tarissa, Teutebod, Thanapur, Thazul, Thuggo, Thunderclap, Tilea, Tonedeaf, Trazz, Treniesto, Trevarus, Trevlen, Tyrala, Uggme, Vadello, Vanuiil, Varran, Vegar/Vegu, Veruca/Mystrae, Vestax, Vidmer, Vinen, Voicemaster, Wanvar, Waright, Warriv, Widespreadd, Wyndee, Xuen, Yendii, Zappo, Zarwin, Zarxen, Zeldapika, Zobb, Zorgon, Zsaroeah, Zyklan

To give some idea of the number of lives Hoss has touched, the above list consists of over 200 names, and I'm sure we're missing at least 25 or so.

December 31, 2004, Hoss says goodbye. But hey, Hollywood always finds a way to make a sequel after a hit so who knows what the future holds. ;)