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Rogues arn't the only people who can backstab - posted by Torrid on Aug 17, 2001

Hoss-- Dragon aligned since the release of Velious. We've conquored the halls of testing, defiled the temple of zek, and even slew the king of the kromzek himself. Our dragon allies were very pleased with our exploits (harhar), even rewarding us with some of their finest treasures.

However, a sinister force would break up this powerful alliance. A force so powerful and compelling that even the most seasoned and ethical adventurer could not resist it-- ph@7 13wtz.

Aaryonar DEAD. Lord Feshlak DEAD. Dagarn the Destroyer (you guessed it...) DEAD.

Soooo we rape their temple, kill their hatchlings, pry their most treasured belongings from their cold dead claws, betray their trust, yada yada yada. Apparently the giants did worse atrocities to them, cause we just slaughter them and regain the missplaced trust of Veeshan's brood. Life is good.