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Stuff - posted by vegu on Aug 30, 2001
Starting off by killing Zlandicar a few days ago , grats Dont on ST key. Next day we killed Dozekar the Gimp who dropped 3 tears (grats semele , succubbus and sneeky).

Wut hi! Dead Dragon.

Mini Sontalak dead too!

Vindicator died a few times too over the last few days, didnt really count it. Also we made a short visit to North ToV to kill Cekenar , who awarded us with a Blackstar, mace of night and a Silver Dagger of Destruction!

dropped phat lewt~

Then Today we killed Cazic Tool with 33 people, he dropped a choker , pauldrons and cloak (grats Gerguk, Dharrk and Dont)


Also Rhedd finally found out: