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And i wanted to wait a week til next news update... - posted by vegu on Dec 29, 2001
... but lots of stuff happened today =\ so there we go.

Started early (hi is this hoss?) this day by killing warder 1,2 and 3 in Sleepers Tomb and were finished before 5pm pst

Lots of Loot dropped , too bad 50% of it wasnt needed by anyone.

"Lets do SoL stuff" we said after that. Sol stuff is fun! So, uh, ventured into the deep and this guy didnt want to let us pass :| Kinda like Gandalf wont let that Balrog pass in LoTR =\

So we killed that poor guy , with no deaths on our side, yay SoL Uber Mobs...

And no my guild does not need to use gimp zoning tactics to kill this guy!

"Wow nice, there is a zone to shissar temple over here" someone said. So we decided to pay the bosses of level 1 and 2 a visit for leet spell and not-so-leet loot farming.

Both died , only have screenshot of one Corpse =\

Also, yesterday tormax fell again, we are teh win.

I want to end this news post with something new, called:
Andaas DIES:

And that was only today and im sure i missed a few :| poor druid!