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old_news Update Because Nobody Else Fucking Did One - posted by Andaas on Apr 14, 2002
Today we have another text only news update from me, the druid who has perfected the art of looting his own corpse in under 10 seconds (and thats with all soul bound keys on me).

It was another typical week in Hossland, perhaps a bit slower than most. The Hosslings ran around killing things as we found them.

The Burrower Parasite has continued with the lackluster drops for us (I swear we have more rings from that beast in our guild than anyone else), but at least graced us with another robe this time around. The tunic still hasn't dropped on our server.

We also spent one night in North ToV for a change of pace. Always fun to trash our CoV faction again, although I'm back to dubious again thanks to our good friend The Avatar of War.

The guild took a couple of well deserved days off this weekend, and broke the calm with what was a surprisingly fun kill of Tunare. Ok.. maybe it was only fun for me because I logged in with only an hour or so left to clear - I dunno.

With our 2 day vacation behind us, and another Tunare kill notched into our belts, I will leave you all with this final message to my guildmates:

Why are you wasting time reading this? Get your ass back in Ssra.

Until next time,