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A Visit From Down Under - posted by Nesuril on Apr 22, 2002
I don't have another crafty quote this time, because Xuen yelled at me last time for being WEAK and posting my own quotes up on the site. Hey, I'm not Tigole, and have like 300 stalkers giving me crafty and lewd tells everyday to post on the website. If I get some stalkers, then maybe you'll see some stuff not from me! I don't know if I can put into words the simple joys of an utterly OWNAGE Avatar of War fight. I know I can't. But Steve Irwin can. So ..take it away Steve.....

So, here we have it. Avatar of War, dead ...with 1 death. I can't say it any better than the Croc Hunter can.

Keeping with our Australian theme, one would think it easy to kick back with one of these, and the phat loots AoW dropped:

But, Hoss has no time. So we pressed onto High Priest in Ssra temple! This guy's a snake, so naturally Steve Irwin can handle him right? WRONG. Even the High Priest proved too much for the famed Croc Hunter, and as we can see in the shot below, we'll have to be finding a new mascot... bummer.

Luckily, however, it wasn't completely one sided and I'm taking bets what our next news post is going to be about!