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Revenge is sweet - posted by Nesuril on Apr 23, 2002
The death of Steve Irwin at the hands of the High Priest, hit us all very hard. Words cannot describe the loss you feel at the passing of a friend, and I really only have this to say. You will be missed Stevo.

But, Hoss did not dwell on these feelings for long. Sadness soon turned to blatent outrage, and amid the cries of revenge, the High Pedophile of Ssra temple was slain in a spray of blood and gore, uttering a message that leaves you wondering if he was just aggro'd or if he's really dead....

I'm sorry. But I had to invoke "The Ronald" for this one. Because it truly was a magnificient effort by everyone involved. Croc Hunter. This one's for you!

His loot for all you who are curious. Notice the amazing lack of Marzin's Mark!

Of course, the death of the High Priest left an open slot on his little cushion, so I figured I would sit in the command chair for awhile and pretend to be Captain Kirk. What do you think? It beats c3ing you guys!

Oh, and what the HELL is up with this crap?! I even MENTION stalking and all of a sudden I am getting tells like this? If I start posting this stuff, Tigole is gonna go ballistic on me and write a paragraph about how "unoriginal guilds" are stealing his ideas!

And, on a more peaceful closing note tonight. I would like to bring you this screenshot of the EC tunnel, courtesy of some druid/enchanter (?) that died countless times to create this tranquil natural scene.