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Life Goes On - posted by Lola on Apr 24, 2002

Nesuril is busy mourning the loss of Mr. Irwin, so he asked me to fill in for him during this very difficult period. Sorry to disappoint.

Last night we ventured into the basement of Ssra, uncertain, frightened, and sick of the sight of snakes. It had been a while since we actually got him to spawn, so there were questions.

Having no movies, books, or poetry available, we had to make do with swords, axes, and daggers. Elidroth and Fehren know their roles, but Andaas had to give the clerics a quick tutorial.

After testing out the /guildinvite hotkey in East Commons, we were finally ready:

Elidroth does his speed bump impression, while Zyklan goes lizard e lizard with the glyphed.

It wouldn't be a Hoss raid without Hoss positioning!

Nesuril begins to cheer up as he scribes this into his spellbook:

And alas, poor Steve Irwin is all but forgotten by the time Vyzh'dra the Exiled dies.

In order to have the time and patience to camp snakes with names like this

one must have a certain lifestyle:

Serendib reminds us to always check the text!

Farewell for now. Don't be afraid to come say hi... it's lonely here beneath the world, with only my horse to keep me company.