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Shei Vinitras Slain! - posted by Nesuril on Apr 28, 2002
Here we are at the end of an eventful weekend and I find myself reflecting on that which has transpired. Yes, I am pleased that Mr. Irwin got himself a 96% resurrection (free of charge) and moreso, that Hoss killed the Shei Vinitras for the first time ever on Druzzil Ro! Continuing on our string of server firsts, the four armed bastard went down with a great team effort from our heroes. Sadly, I wasn't there so I can't give you a first hand testimonial, but from what I've heard, after warming up on the High Priest, this guy becomes a difficult, but very doable battle. Here's the shot you've all certainly been waiting for:

Okay. Now that we've had our fun, its time for me to rant. Can I ask what the HELL this is? ...

Yes, for those of you that are curious, this dropped off Shei Vinitras. Apparently this is a common drop in this zone, but loot this crappy belongs in Lake of Ill Omen rather than on a boss. Apparently Verant has placed this sacrifical dagger on the Shei as an instrument to kill yourself with as you realize how much time you spent learning and killing this mob for the crappy reward. We can only hope that Verant's retooling of Luclin "uber loot" will treat some of these harder mobs to a nice upgrade in the loot department. As Hoss has pressed deeper into Luclin its become glaringly apparent that if you don't fight for the glory of the kill, then you are gonna find yourself awefully disappointed at times.

Speaking of disappointments:

JESUS H. CHRIST ON A WALKING STICK. We tried burrower once, and failed, and I jokingly said that we shoudn't worry, because he only had 2 rings and a dagger. Guess what he dropped when we killed him the next day? 2 brilliant stone rings, and a goddamn dagger. We get the worst loot from this guy. Look at Club FU. They get /3/ tunics on a drop, and the last /3/ burrowers we have gotten 1 robe, and like 6 or 7 rings and 3 or 4 daggers? I dunno. Its insane. I'm insane. I hate this mob.

The most exciting thing about this burrower trip was a tell from someone who knows about our run ins with this giant phallus:

But on an upshot, amid the cries of:

The Creator was killed. Not that this is anything novel. His loot was a Blade of Angles (Angels? Who the hell knows if this is a Jesus Blade or Bob Villa Blade) and the FT VI shield (Now Dark Elf usable).

And that my friends, is the news. On a parting note I leave you with some quotes from our guild members on precisely how excited about the prospect of MORE Ssra temple camping and the great, thrilling timesinks installed by Verant: