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Snakes, I hate snakes! - posted by Nesuril on May 10, 2002
Hoss hates snakes. We hate big snakes. We hate small snakes. We hate fat snakes and we hate skinny ones. If there are any snakes reading this. We hate you too (might wanna check outside your door because our guild is probably coming to kill you). For those of you with dirty minds, no we are not talking about /that/ snake. We are not a man-hating lesbian guild. Lola, however, is a man-hating lesbian and you can send her tells if you are a man and you want to be abused verbally and possibly physically. Hussy.

Anyway. Just to PROVE that we hate snakes, I have the pictures to prove it. First, lets start off with the main event. Using the proven tactics of Steve Irwin for handling snakes, we successfully dropped the Vyzh`Dra the Cursed for the FIRST TIME on Druzzil Ro. Yes, this little beast slices, dices and circumsizes. Luckily he also drops some really phat shit which, thanks to the elite patching skills of Verant's cunning employees, came our way two times in under two days.


Behold again! (Your eyes are burning out at the horror of just how huge this loot is right now)

This isn't enough though. Only someone who dislike snakes would kill 6 bosses in 2 days. We had to do more. So we killed the High Priest. Or as some are calling him "The High Pedophile". Mind you this was "Pre Upgrade" on these shields, so some lucky people thought they kinda got junk, but woke up one Christmas morning found out they had a really nice item. To be honest, this Luclin upgrade was kind of like dating a girl that looks kind of "mannish". You want to love her, but she's kind of ugly. You keep hoping she'll get really pretty, but you wonder if she's really a man. You get really drunk one night and decide to "go all the way". Its anyone's guess if you'll wake up in the morning feeling good about yourself, or cruising coffee houses on the Castro in San Francisco.

MORE DEAD SNAKES. We killed the "upgraded" Arch Lich. AKA "Arch Lich Rhag`Irampageafrickinglot". He was a tough fight, but great teamwork from the Hoss crew saw him dead, for the first time on Druzzil since his upgrade.

Lastly, the Avatar of War, once our star attraction, has fallen to last place on our list. We killed him twice (thanks to the patch) and he dropped some stuff. Swords, rings, helms. You've seen all his loot before and I'm not going to eat up anymore bandwith posting it here so you can go "Nes, you dumbass, we've seen this before".

Anyway, a huge week here for Hoss. Some big accomplishments and a really excellent effort from everyone in the guild. Great work guys.