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Gossip, Rumors, and other heavenly trait - posted by Lola on May 28, 2002
That's right. If you hear any rumors or gossip that Hoss is disbanding, it's because it's all true! But it's also because gnomes, or should I say ogre snacks have far too little hair on their heads and far too much hair on their feet, and they clearly need to tinker more to produce all the gnomish vanishing devices that can be so hard to find. I mean I know none of my "friends" would talk this much [censored] about gnomes they "loved" for over 20 years. So it's gotta be a be a bunch of ssralovin snakepumpin pumpkin ranchers.

To those that still crusade to bash Hoss at every corner... good work! When your guild can last longer than 1 year before being confined to a expansion about to explode from time sinks... poor loot... and an unhealthy obsession with mushrooms, then come talk [censored]. Until then go back to making your elite web pages that are only a piss poor rip off of Imperial Guards.

Hoss is going somewhere. Where? I don't know. When will I know? Not now not never, nope not even after that, or after that, or even after that. For those that didn't leave... what were you thinking? You just didn't see the opportunity... and that's the saddest part of all. Be cool. Stay in school.