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Welcome to the Promised Land - posted by Nesuril on Jun 20, 2002

Well, sports fans. There you have it. The ultimate money shot. Emperor Ssraeshza is dead. I don't think I can put into words how epic this fight is and how much of a milestone it is for ANY guild that beats this fucker down. He is simply, a monster, and while Vex Thal may have its challenges, he is a huge accomplishment and thanks go out to /everyone/ in Hoss and friends of Hoss who put in the time to see him die. It was better than three months of nightmarish camps, but here we are, standing on the threshold of Vex Thal.

To the Emperor:

What did he drop you ask?! The phatties are listed below for all of you to witness. Congrats to everyone!!

So, probably I should stop here. Its late. I am still wired from this kill. But, I was about to bed down for a long winter's nap with the Misses Nesuril, when who should knock at my door?? Fucking, Steve Irwin. Holy shit. Hey Steve!

Steve heard about our ass kicking in Ssraeshza Temple and decided to stop to relive a few moments about his days in EverQuest. So, we got to talking about "big wins" and "big losses" and Steve wanted to make a few quick commentaries on what the difference between the two is. Take it away Steve!

This what a big win sounds like:

This is what a wanna-be big-win sounds like:

This ... is what a big win looks like:

This is what a big loss looks like:

I guess when you go DOWN UNDER, things look a lot clearer than they do here in the States! Thanks Steve for that insightful look into exactly what it means to own and be owned.

So, on a closing note tonight, I offer a special tribute to Andaas, who truly busted his ass to get us all to this point and keep us motivted. I'm not doing this so I hope he'll play "grabass" with me behind the gym tomorrow, but because it really was a dream of his to see Emperor die tonight, and he deserves a mention for really keeping us on track.

Andy, this bottle of Bacardi is for you, mate!

I think Steve said it all. A thing of beauty folks. See you all in Vex Thal.