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Gnome Race 2002 - posted by Andaas on Jun 22, 2002
Emp dead again:
No loot screenshot, but he dropped 2 caster cloaks, the sword of ssraeshza, and one copy of garrisons this time.

In other news Hoss staged the first of what will hopefully be many fun events for our members.

Our mission today: Take a level 1 unbuffed gnome from Steamfont to Qeynos.

A predetermined path of zones was selected that all of the gnomes had to follow, and the journey proved to be quite a challenge. The path was through the following zones: Steamfont, Lesser Faydark, Greater Faydark, Butcherblock Mountains, Ocean of Tears, East Freeport, North Ro, Oasis, South Ro, Innothule Swamp, Feerrott, Rathe Mountains, Lake Rathetear, South Karana, North Karana, West Karana, Qeynos Hills, with the finish line at the city gates of Qeynos.

Here we see our competitors lining up at the entrance to Ak'Anon, just under 40 contestants entered the race.

And they're off!

The pack crossing through Steamfont, running past a lonely guard camper on the hill.

Our first casualty of the day due to poor class selection - SK's didn't fare well in this race. Here we also see the first bottleneck of the race, we had 3 frontrunners make a boat by a few seconds before the pack showed up as seen here to wait.

After the front three arrived in Freeport, one of our leaders ran into his demise in North Ro. The other two almost bought it zoning into Oasis as well, but were able to stay alive and hold onto the lead.

The frontrunner after Ocean of Tears, Fforest (Selenajra), shouted out for support in every zone.

Finishing in 1st place today was Mintichu (Mintin), winning a top of the line horse that he donated to his favorite charity, Sazar.

In 2nd place was Fforest (photo not available), and the show gnome was Ogahchow (Elidroth). Fforest has his choice of a mid-range horse or platinum equivalent, and Ogahchow is taking home a gnomish vanishing device.

4th and 5th place were taken by Captaincruunch (Cruunch), and Jigglewaright (Waright). Each of them will receive a Bag of Tinkering.

I tried to get a shot of the top 5 finishers, but this was the best one I found. Since Captaincruunch got such a nice portrait above, I figured I could go with the shot that he was missing from. :)

Honorable mentions go out to Trazzachoo (Trazz) and Whorgon (Zorgon), the only other two competitors to finish. Numerous others would have finished but gave up the chase after the 1st 5 were locked in, so a big shout of congrats goes out to all of them as well. It was a fun event and it felt great to get away from the endless slaying of snakes that we have been putting up with for so long. It was a short break however, as we all reported back to Ssra for our ritual slaying of Vyzh`dra the Cursed due to an unexpected zone reset.