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Things that make you say 'o_O' - posted by Elidroth on Jun 27, 2002
So um.. Ventani was killed, and Kerafyrm released how long ago? 6 months maybe? And not a day goes by that someone in Hoss doesn't get a tell like:

He then went on to berate me for taking HIS future monk robe out of the game. Ah.. the terrible life of a level 31 Monk. The hardships.. the agony of your very existence without the Ventani robe.

Perhaps the most amusing part of this is the people most accused of said 'Speeper killing' are people who didn't even have an ST key at the time.

In other news..

Zappo, everyone's favorite football, has finally come to grips with reality and shared with us all. To most however, this news was simply.. TMI.

So.. while the Feign Death Druid(tm) is off testing his Alcohol Tolerance in Lost Wages, the rest of Hoss dutifully yet painfully, continues the time honored EQ tradition of "The Timesink".

Camped Stormfeather? VP Key? Level 54 or 59? Tried to fix your Chardok faction? Sure these seem like pure evil at the time, but let me tell you. NOTHING can prepare you for the hell that is the Vex Thal key.

Hmm.. Kill Emperor Ssraeszha. Requiring you to endure TWO complete hellish timesinks in the Ring of the Shissar and Shissar Bane weapons (unless of course you plan on transferring to Stormhammer to buy powersources from a guild that can actually kill him).

Now put in COUNTLESS hours of camping little sticks that are a rare drop off of rare spawns (except in Dawnshroud Peaks where the spawns themselves are broken resulting in only 6 spawn points - nice work VI). Then add in a little more fun in Akheva with another random chance spawn to get the initial container for all those little sticks.

All this just to get to the supposed 'EQ Candy Store' that is Vex Thal. I can only imagine the pain of Planes of Power yet to come.

Am I ranting? Yep. Have you heard it all before elsewhere? Yep. But since I have the power of NEWS POSTER, you all get to read about it anyway. :D