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Twas a dark and spooky night! - posted by Elidroth on Jul 02, 2002
After enduring the endless key camps, the many deaths to the Emperor, the evil, most hated guild in all of Druzzil Ro (if you read the message board) entered the holiest of holy zone.. Vex Thal.

Suffice to say this zone is visually amazing. While we've only scratched the surface as yet, the initial impressions are very good. It's a tough place, but then it SHOULD be tough considering what you have to do to get here.

So far my only complaints are minor. After everything you have to do to get here, Verant didn't bother to give you anything special in the way of mobs. You get to fight Va'Dyn, Cloaks, 4-arms, and yes.. more ooze. I suppose we should be happy there are no frogs, but honestly, it would have been nice to see something unique in here.

In Other old_news..

Rhedd is still hot, Zappo short, Grimthorn lukewarm, and Stomp is smelly. That is all..