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Hail, Word of Darkness - posted by Elidroth on Jul 08, 2002
You want to see something REALLY scary? Behold.. the true evil of Vex Thal revealed for all to.. uh.. see?

Do not adjust your monitors.. This IS the latest screenshot from Vex Thal. What's that you say? There's only a black nothing? DING DING!! Give that man a prize.. Yes folks.. this is what you get to not see for much of your time in this wonderous 'end game'. AE darkness RULES.

Not that I don't complain enough already.. but to this learned observer.. Vex Thal is amazingly beautiful visually, and yet mind-numbingly BORING at the same time. I'm told it gets much harder the deeper we go, but so far, it's felt like miles and miles of yard trash, only to pull a 500,000hp attack and go AFK mini-boss like Diabo Fett (or whatever his name is) seen below.

The only other surprise is how bi-polar the loot drops are in here.. Seems they're either insanely good, or just complete crap. Most items are being looted by people gambling for the much hoped for, and seriously needed swinging of the upgrade stick.

In Other old_news..
Lepra confesses her true nature:

Until next time.. Shard camps for everyone!!