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OMG SERVER FIRST!! - posted by Elidroth on Aug 05, 2002
Killed Aten Ha Ra? Bleh.. big deal.

Ring of Vulak? Pass..

While these are impressive I GUESS.. Nothing compares to the most recent Hoss/Druzzil Ro Server First..

Witness the horror below.. The SOLO Lodizal Kill by Vestax The UberFAT

That's right.. everyone's favorite (at least in Hoss) Fattah Vestax successfully solo killed the big turtle. Aaen got stuff.. Sazar got stuff.. Fattah got stuff.. other people got stuff too but they don't matter much.

In Other old_news

Cruunch gives the warrior chat channel just that tiny bit O' TMI.

Back to the wonderful world of AE Blinding Gater Mobs..