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Hi - posted by Elidroth on Aug 22, 2002

Aten Ha Ra - Dead by Hoss

So tonight, 53 brave Hosslings ventured into the uncharted area that is Aten Ha Ra's lair.

The cry went out in the words of Dr Venkman "Let's show this 4 armed bitch how we do things downtown!" and Hoss proceeded to lay the smack down.

For almost 30 minutes, these mighty heroes slugged it out with EQ's Exotic Dancer. Sometimes smooth.. Sometimes not.. Often times looking like nothing at all thanks to the ever present AE Blind.

Thanks to some amazing camera work by yours truly, the photo below was snapped at the EXACT MOMENT Aten Ha Ra fell to the might of Hoss. Here you can clearly see Nexten deliver the final blow sending this 4-armed Harlot back where she belongs.

In the end.. All that was left were

  • Gloves of Crimson Sigil
  • Orb of Secrets
  • Torch of Judgement
  • Soul Essence of Aten Ha Ra

along with her Patent Leather Go Go Boots and a G-string full of 1 dollar bills.

Heroes Victorious.. Let the end credits roll..

Game Over!