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Agnarr dead. Bertox is a ho - posted by Torrid on Dec 07, 2002
You hated us for waking the sleeper huh? Well guess what. We just freed that rat bastard that got you killed that one time in that outdoor zone when you ran into that aggro mob because you couldn't see.

Lewtz. Check out the non-DKP guild leaders' worst nightmare item.

So like, the last couple weeks we've made some attempts at Bertox.

And after finishing the 2 hour VT-of-PoP-but-without-loot event, he spawns for us again. So we get him to 50%... 25%... 15%.. 10%... 8%, oops I died, you fuckers better win! 5%... 4, 3, 2, 1..., 0%. His god damn fucking model stops animating and we die. MOTHER $#^# #$^ GOD #@$% $%#$%ing #$%@ hole #$#$%@$.