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Solusek's Days are Numbered - posted by Torrid on Dec 12, 2002

Hoss has now gained entrance to Solusek's Tower. And if you were paying any kind of attention to PoP's story, you'd know what that means.

Thats right, Mithaniel Marr is dead. Yes, I lied in my last update. It took us two days to kill him. Try not to laugh too hard.

Oh, the irony. Marr, the champion of righteousness and honor, drops a ROGUE only dagger, that procs a poison no less. Not that much of PoP makes much sense, like encounters harder than VT dropping less and usually worse loot. But hey, its newer and funner, or somthing.

stuff that will die soon

Note to SOE: Torrid has TWO R's in it. I demand this be fixed immediatly!