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I told you idiots we'd do it - posted by Torrid on Jan 07, 2003
Since Lola's post was amazingly lacking in content...

OMG FIRST LEGIT KILL OF RALLOS ZEK! EVERYONE ELSE HAD THIS GIMP... aw fuck it, you've heard this one before.

So anyway, Rallos Zek dead, first kill on Druzzil of course. As if you expected any more first kills from any other guild on this server. (uh, no offense other guilds!)

I am also pleased to announce that Hoss's horrible luck when it came to loot drops did not apply last night, as Rallos dropped two of these:

I do not say that because I am a warrior... honest.

With Rallos dead, Hoss now has access to three of the four elemental planes of PoP. Naturually we went inside and killed some local inhabitants.

Our first loot dropping victim was this poor fellow, and our first phat lewt was this weapon:

Expect Solusek Ro to die very soon.