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Recruiting and Flagging Push - posted by Lola on Feb 07, 2003

On Thursday, March 13th, Hoss will be spending some quality time with catch-up flags for recently unretired Hosslings and new recruits. We will be doing NO elemental raids until every flag mob we need is dead.

Not coincidentally, we will also be guesting a relatively large bunch of new recruits (6-10) next week, so that they can participate in the flag orgy. So if you have been thinking about applying, but decided not to because you thought we weren't really recruiting, or because you didn't have many flags - think again. We'll be considering people of all flag levels - you'll be fully flagged by the end of the week anyway!

Who are we looking for?

Do you know and love your class? Do you do 300DPS?

Do you play almost every night? (Gotta get out sometime!)

Do you have oodles of AA, or an unhealthy obsession with getting oodles of AA? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with saying oodles?

Do you long to plant your corpse at the feet of BigNasty_01 before anyone else on Druzzil? Do you not get discouraged after your 10th corpse? Your 100th?

Are you funny, entertaining, intelligent, intoxicated by Everquest?

Do your parse yourself? Do you crunch numbers, trying to squeeze out every last bit of efficiency? Are you hooked on Lucy?

Do you hate dwarves? Do you love half-elves?

If you answered yes to 50% or more of these questions, you may want to seek therapy. But while you're waiting for your appointment, you may also want to consider applying to the most laid back uberguild in Everquest: Hoss!

Where do I sign up?

The Application Forum

NOTE: For those who have previously applied, feel free to update your application and bump it to let us know. Also, the application has a couple new questions, so feel free to add those to your existing post.