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Cute, ain't she? - posted by Torrid on Apr 06, 2003

Too bad she was in our way. Large chest polys won't save you from us. (but it may cause a wipe or two extra) Amazing how she can stand upright and avoid falling flat on her face. I guess this really is fantasy.

Uh, anyway... my new guild and I bitch slapped this ho. Well, actually we couldn't reach, so we just kicked her in the shin a lot. Glad she wasn't wearing any boots.

SoE's aim in this expansion was to do away with the Luclinesque marathon encounters. Unfortunately, they missed the target when designing this encounter. However, they did get somthing right when they increased the difficulty of the encounter. (thanks FoH!) Trivial encounters make for small victories. Oh, and zone monopolies are fun for us too.

For those keeping score, thats 6 pantheon god slayings and 0 pants.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the little people we stepped on to get to where we are today. Without their sacrafices, this victory would not be possible.