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Coirnav the Avatar of Lag Slain - posted by Torrid on Jun 08, 2003
Thanks to the recent recruit drive of ours, we managed to be able to get our prime time raid attendance to a number greater than 40. Which meant that our attempts at the fish in PoWater actually had a chance at succeeding-- and succeed we did tonight.

Yes, I am happy to report Hoss is now only lacking the council in order to enter Time. Coirnav truely was one of the most challanging encounters in the game to date. Sony's brilliant idea of handicaping the frame rate of players in order to increase the difficulty of the encounter instead of creating another gimp god was truely unique. Would Carmack or Blizzard ever think to force players to play their 4 year old engines at 5 fps with top of the line hardware as a method of producing challenge? Heck no!

Now, the final battle begins: to defeat the council before losing half our roster. Wish us luck!