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Official Hoss "LDoN is Gay" Post - posted by Torrid on Dec 16, 2003
Its been over 3 months since LDoN went live, and we just had the pleasure of losing to the miragul time-level raid due to a bugged script.

This shit is ridiculous.

Dear Sony,

After putting up with your time limits, death counts, the morale butchering of 36 people player limits in the age of 70 player raids, 3 hours of mindless trash killing, ridiculous puzzles that make no sense, the guilt induced from the innability to replace LDs or people who cannot stay up 3 hours, the unimaginative cut and paste dungeons, the shit loot (except for the overpowered +1 +1 rogue dmg augment), and the administrative NIGHTMARE of trying to record player attendance/credit, we find out YOUR GOD DAMN RAIDS ARE STILL BUGGED.

While you idiots were busy nerfing the Miragul encounter so that you could not kill it in overtime, you apparently managed to somehow bug the script that caused demons to stop spawning. After 10+ minutes of doing the Synarcana script, ZERO demons spawned.

Your blatent lack of concern for your player base is appalling. You WASTE resources into making retarded level 30 zones that NO ONE uses, or new retarded PVP servers where you would spend 98% of your time killing fire beetles to get back to level 6, instead of FOCUSING ON RAID LEVEL CONTENT. Most uber guilds are farming time in 1 or 2 days and doing nothing else. LDoN needs a MASSIVE revamp. Clearing time bores the hell out of me now. Phase 5 and Quarm loot are the only pieces not going to twinks or new recruits anymore. For your sake, I sure hope you already have a massive LDoN revamp in the works, or your new berserker expansion comes out pretty soon.

Here, I'll do you a favor. I'll tell you how to fix LDoN.

The #1 most effective LDoN fix: scale the challenge of the content to the player count and remove the player cap.

If you don't want to do that, then at least let anyone in the raid zone in to the instance, and simply port people out to keep the cap at 36. This allows the replacement of loggers AND lets you start the raid before waiting on key classes. This change alone would save us 30 minutes of waiting every LDoN raid, as well as reduce a ton of grief. You could even let the "worthless" people/classes tag along until you reach the boss, then replace them, so you wouldn't have to exclude them every single raid, with this change.

Scatter mini-bosses throughout the zones, and put the current augments in their loot tables. Put 1-2 GOOD augments/items (better than the crap we've seen so far) on the bosses of the zones. Reduce some of the trash to allow for time to kill the mini-bosses. REMOVE/UPGRADE the INSULTING dog shit augments/worse-than-elemental-armor loot in the current tables.

Remove the GAY death counts entirely. Your content is challenging enough without it. Hell, its challenging enough to remove the time limits in most cases.

If you ever did make LDoN worthwhile, you are going to have some really pissed off enchanters, shaman, and any other classes you only need one or two of. I strongly suggest implementing some scaled difficulty and allowing everyone who wants to *gasp* play the game to play the game.

Oh, and IF you are going to make a new server, then make a server that does the following: Pwipe every 3 months. NO expansions active until 1 month, then enable kunark and velious. Enable the rest after 2 months. At the end of 3 months, offer free transfers to the server of their choice. You could even have several servers with varying expansion/pwipe times. I guarantee you this would be a success. No new gay PVP servers, please.

Here are some pictures for the masses. Because I hate posts without pictures.

Gay broken Synarcana Raid

Gay 3 hours of trash clearing Mistmoore raid