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Oh My, GoD - posted by Torrid on Mar 11, 2004

Ikkinz, Raid #4

Ok, time for a progress update. As you can see from the above screenshot, Hoss has now progressed past the circus that is the 4th Ikkinz raid. And what a long, bug-filled road it was.

Our first Ikkinz trial 1 "victory." Won enchanterless, bardless, and with 1 cleric.

After beating the Ikkinz single group trials, and experiencing the wonderful aptly named Cruel Illusion, we contuned jumping through Mr. Nalavat's hoops, only to bust open the skull in the 1st temple and spawn absolutely nothing. Anyway, one patch later, we

Summoner Circle event

and started raiding.

Ikkinz, Raids 1-3

And so began the endless stream of


to fill the hands of all the twinks with KT access. I think we average around 1.5 or more shields per ikkinz raid.

Between Ikk raids, we discovered that we only have 5 digits in


Boy, them 5 DS/regen augments are fantastic.

But the best game design since SWG was yet to come. Ikkinz raid 4.

This mob gave Blizzard another thousand subscribers.

Yes folks, if you don't have inside infoz, and you reach ikkinz 4, you are fucking screwed. From the hidden bags that you would NEVER find without being told where to look, to the complete lack of clues to any of the "puzzles," to the Sentries that are only killable when its night time while raining outside with bard tanking and a rogue deathblow with a deadly strike. Oh, and it changes every patch.

You have never seen people so happy over killing a trash mob

There are two of these fucking mobs

But wait, theres more! These mobs, one event of several in GoD, proc FD. On a mob you might have to kill a couple dozen times over. Yes, I'm a warrior and I use a gamepad for EverQuest.

More feign action from the mobs in the next room.

But I'm not finished yet. It turns out the runes you must combine to open the door must be combined in a Ykesha research container. No sir, a regular research container just won't do. This raid cost us 24 dollars to win, as our wizard did not have Ykesha, because no one would ever think something that retarded would be required to advance in a raid. As if the 3 expansions in a year's time wasn't milking us enough.

Ikkinz 4 loot. Along with-- you guessed it, another shield.

Next comes the raid with the trash that quad for 3500+, a dozen of which rush you after zoning in, and spawn more for every death in your raid. Wonder if they tuned it yet.