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Oh GoD, Book II - posted by Andaas on May 14, 2004
Barxt has fallen on Druzzil Ro and Hoss took our first steps beyond the magical barrier protecting Qvic today.

Our apologies for the lack of updates over the past 2 months, but there just hasn't been anything to tell of late. Hoss, like other guilds in EQ, has been spending our time in and out of Uqua trying to advance. While we are happy that Sony finally got off their ass and fixed the zone, it's really hard to thank them for the 2 months of hell we have gone through trying to reach Qvic.

Of course, any time you find yourself facing broken content, you tend to run into problems getting people to come help, as you can see below..

Of course, once Forty told us all that he was retiring from EQ, we magically hit the raid cap of 54 for Qvic for our last 2 attempts, and Forty's (or would that be Forties?) retirement announcement may have been a little premature, because he was there tonight for the kill. Uqua with 54 is a breeze compared to doing it with the 42-45 member raids we learned the zone with, and we quickly reached Barxt for the first time on our previous attempt with a nearly full raid, losing the fight at around 30%.

I realize that Uqua is not the "end" of GoD, but beating this milestone certainly feels like finishing a marathon in 110 degree heat, so I leave you all with a parting shot of Hoss standing before the Altar of Destruction with our foe lying dead at our feet. Qvic, here we come.

Oh, and this bitch died on Friday..