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Txevu (GoD bless you) - posted by Andaas on Jul 21, 2004

It has been quite some time since our last progress update, primarily due to a lack of worthwhile events to mention.

However, since taking down Barxt in May, we pushed forward into Qvic - facing even more of the Muramite horde. Though we quickly took down Cynosure and Iqthinxa Karnkvi (unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots to share, but if you've been to Kod'Taz you've pretty much seen it all anyway), we spent the better part of the last two months struggling with attendance numbers for Inktu`Ta raids (see the previous news post about our recent recruiting efforts) and farming armor in Qvic.

Anyway, after a few weeks of recruiting and backflagging, we were able to successfully add 54 people to an Inktu`Ta instance (I see this as the biggest accomplishment, considering the weeks we spent getting only 35 mains or so each night).

Tonight we defeated Noqufiel in Inktu`Ta, allowing entry into Txevu. All in all, I found Inktu`Ta to be a pretty fun zone with some very creative encounters. Next stop Txevu (well, got a 2nd run of Inktu`Ta to do first..), but you should see us in Tacvi pretty soon.

Excuse the boring and graphically challenged news update this evening. I'm pretty tired and just wanted to put something up before tomorrow. If anyone in the guild happened to snap some screenshots, maybe I'll pretty this up a bit tomorrow.