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Omens of War update - posted by Andaas on Oct 17, 2004

Lack of news updates has been our trend lately here in the world of Hoss. This is in part due to my being the only person who tends to write them (barring the occasional recruiting update by Gemmi), and that I really only like to make an update when we've actually done something worth reading about.

By the way, we are still recruiting (see the previous news update).

The guild has been bouncing around between Omens and Gates for the last month. We did take a week or so off to get most of the guild to 70, and have slowly gotten back into our normal raiding schedule in the month since Omens was released. Of course, as things get back to normal, we tend to kill stuff pretty well.

Two down, four to go.

We have also been pretty creative in finding things to kill when we don't quite have enough for the bigger instanced raids. And have spent some time (perhaps a bit too much lately..) raiding what we can:

We haven't been back to Tacvi since...

This punk died last night too (well, early this morning..):

All in all, not a bad month considering our average raid force size has been 38.