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Welcome to Anguish! - posted by Maegwin on Nov 03, 2004
Recently Hoss has been working on the Muramite Proving Grounds trials. Tonight we beat our last remaining trial: The Mastery Of Hate:

This one is pretty tricky, and requires good timing and dps. It began by our fearless officer Thuggo training us with ohhh...15 pups and slaying nearly 3/4of the guild. It looked something like this:

We held on though and pulled out the 'W' despite said fearless officer's best attempts at killing off all his minions. And here's the loot shot for all you loot freaks!

Welcome to Anguish! Let the signet farms begin in earnest.

Screenshots of the Week: Here are some random quotes from the last week.

Screenshots of the Week: Supplemental - Retarded PC Names.

Don't be a tool, I hate people with stupid names. Way to break my
immersion assholes. I don't go around /reporting enough of these people...mostly because I don't think
the GM's give a rats ass. If I had my way I'd rename them all using the random name generator so they had
names like Lluviiaan, Xakalak, and Mofun.

For Halloween SOE decided to do some 'dynamic' events that
involved some skeleton armies and such. Only it was just a rehash of previous Halloween events. Except
during the previous Halloweens, there weren't any LDoN camps in the places where these roving bands of
low level 40 skeletons were all rampaging. Now, you've got lots of lower level people who go AFK all the
time at these LDoN camps ( Butcherblock in particular ). So this year when the Army of Darkness decided
to make a guest appearance, guess what it did to all the low level afk people? level 30 ranger with
about 15 corpses.

Thats right, bind death loops! GG SOE!

Anyhow, Hoss continues to kill stuff, train your MPG groups, steal your
Epics & now Epic 1.5's too!

- Maegwin out