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- posted by Gemmi on Nov 03, 2004
Hoss has always prided itself by facing new challenges and defeating them with determination, skill, and a no quit attitude.

Currently our biggest challenge is to finish our drive through Anguish due to the same problem many are experiencing, inadequate numbers logging on.

We are prepared to get people up to par for this drive. If you want to join a great team with a proven record of being the best at their craft, and can demonstrate your skills, we would like to hear from you.

We presently have planned to cut down raids to 3-4 days each week, back-flagging and equipment improvements are on the agenda.

If this is appealing to you, put in an application. We could use you in our recruiting push to beat Anguish.

See the Join section for information and tell or pm Gemmi if you have any questions.